Bloc is effective against No See ums

Many of our customers in Florida say that they have had success using Bloc against No-see-ums. The coconut oil provides a layer of protection.
What are no-see-ums: Size: No-see-ums, also called biting midges, are small flies (Order Diptera) and adults are only about 1/8 inch in length.

Color: These insects are gray, and their wings are covered with small hairs producing patterns that allow entomologists to identify different species. Larvae may resemble small, whitish worms or caterpillars. As the nickname “no-see-um” implies, they may be difficult to see with the naked eye, especially when they have not fed.

Behavior: Just like mosquitoes the Female No-see-ums bites you for the ferritization of her egg. No-see-ums usually bite during the hours of dusk and dawn and rarely bite during daytime hours. Females primarily blood feed on mammals, but they may also blood feed on other animals such as birds, amphibians and reptiles.
No-see-ums are usually a pest of campers, gardeners, fishermen, hunters, hikers and others who spend time outdoors, especially near water. Immature stages of these insects are aquatic or semi-aquatic and lay their eggs in moist substrates in swamps, salt marshes, and agricultural areas with moist soil high in organic content, such as manure. Habitat preference depends on the species of no-see-um.
To prevent No-see-um bite use Bloc Mosquito Spray.
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Bloc after bite